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Perhaps one of the main concerns of owning an commercial or residential alarm system is whether or not it will be active when most needed. Technically speaking, there are two ways to power your Security Alarm Repairs & alarm system in Perth, with a wireless system reliant on batteries, or a system connected directly into 240v mains power with a back up Battery in the event of mains power fail.

Alarm system back up batteries differ from batteries in detection devices such as wireless motion detectors or WiFi cameras. It is imperative that your system’s main battery power your residential or commercial alarm system for the required period of time in the event there is a Western Power blackout or a thief disables your electricity.

How Often Should I Replace My Backup Battery?

After 3 to 5 years the capacity of a backup battery can decline, which means its ability to run your security alarm system during a power failure will be reduced or it may fail to power your system. Due to this decline, you should replace the backup battery every 3 to 5 years to ensure reliability. It is highly recommended however to regularly have your commercial or residential alarm system repaired and maintained, to ensure your battery does not need replacing earlier.

How Do I Know if My Backup Alarm Battery Needs Replacing?

Your installed residential or commercial alarm system will generally indicate when the battery is in need of repair or replacement. Each system is different, however, more often than not there will be a low battery notification on the keypad, in the form of a flashing light or a beeping sound. Consult your alarm systems manual for the indication specific to your model if you are unsure. Some systems can experience issues with false alarms when the back up battery is not functioning properly. You should never wait until the backup battery is failing to replace it. If you wait until it’s almost dead you risk leaving your commercial or residential space unprotected in the event of a loss of electricity. This is where regular servicing and maintenance can ensure you will never be left with a failing battery.

How Long Does a Backup Alarm Battery Last During a Blackout?

During a power out your backup alarm battery should last from around 24 to 48 hours, however, battery size, the age of the battery, as well as the number of alarm system devices can contribute to variations to this time period. After a power out the battery will recharge via the mains power supply. This process will repeat during the life of the battery generally without issue.

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