Frequently Asked Questions

I have pets, can I have an alarm alarm system?

Securitec can install detection devices that will not respond to pet movement but still detect human motion.

Will a home or business alarm reduce my yearly insurance premium?

Most insurance companies see the benefit o alarm systems and will apply a discount to your premium. The insurance premiums you pay vary with each insurer and they consider your location, system coverage along with any previous claims.

Why do I need a CCTV Cameras for my home?

CCTV systems have been shown to be an effective deterrent to any potential criminal activity and in the event a crime is committed you will have vital recorded evidence that can be used in a police investigation. CCTV systems can also be used to keep an eye on elderly family members or young children to ensure their safety, loved pets or your valued possessions.

Are the cameras weather and vandal proof?

Cameras Securitec install are IP67 weather proof and IK10 vandal proof. This ensures the cameras we install are suitable for outdoor installation.

How can I view the CCTV cameras remotely?

Via a PC, tablet or smart phone with a free easy to use app.  An active internet connection is all that is required to access remote viewing.

Can additional cameras be added to the System in the future?

Most definitely, Securitec's installations are designed to be modular allowing for flexibility to add or remove cameras and even upgrade storage capacity as required.

What does megapixels (MP) mean?

Megapixels identify the camera capture quality. The higher the MP number the more detail is preserved giving you the ability to zoom in on recorded footage with less image quality loss. See below for easy reference
        2MP = 1080P HD
        4MP = 2 x 1080P HD resolution
        8MP = 4K UHD 

How can a CCTV system help my business?

The first benefit as a strong deterrent to criminal activity but additional benefits include product control, trespassing, theft, Occupational Health And Safety, Work Cover evidence and reducing or even eliminating security patrol costs.

What are the basic principles of alarm systems?

An initial break-in or other event takes place, such as a fire or a technical problem.

This is detected by a corresponding sensor (eg a door or window contact, motion detector or smoke detector).

The detector reports the event to the main control panel. The signal is transmitted either via cable or by a wireless system.

The control panel is the alarm system’s brain. It evaluates the signals and decides what to do next

Depending on how the control panel is programmed, this chain of events culminates in a reaction: eg the siren sounds, the strobe is triggered or a monitoring station is notified

Can I move around freely in my home if the alarm system is armed?

Securing all accessible entry points means that if any point is violated detection occurs before the thief gains entry to the premises. This type of detection allows you to roam freely inside with peace of mind knowing you are perimeter protected.