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Commercial Video Surveillance

Business premises, large and small, are constantly under threat of burglars and intruders seeking to exploit any security breach. Thus, having a multifaceted security solution, including video surveillance, to safeguard the premise’s security is not only a sensible but also a necessary solution. For easier claims, several insurance firms stipulate in their policies for multifaceted security services, including video surveillance. Securitec Security has been safeguarding the security of numerous commercial areas across Western Australia with our cutting-edge Commercial Video Surveillance Systems. We deliver high definition live and recorded images from world leading brands while maintaining user friendly features. We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our clients when choosing our commercial video surveillance services.

Intelligent Video System (IVS):

The new-age network Video recorders include Intelligent Video Systems (IVS), which employs learning algorithms to enable cameras to actively evaluate their surroundings and analyze saved material to better understand the environment in which they operate. Using motion detection in collaboration with IVS technology, the camera activates and automated illuminator to colorize the picture at night and activate a built-in siren and strobe. If an alarm is triggered, the user will receive a push notification about the occurrence, allowing you to take rapid action to help prevent an incident from occurring.

This cutting-edge technology deters attackers by responding proactively to lessen the risk of a break-in or property damage, rather than just documenting the occurrence for proof. Additional IVS features for your company can include:

  • Face Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Abandoned/Missing Object Detection
  •  People Counting
  • Heat Map
  • Auto Tracking
  •  Scene Change
  •  Tripwire

Security Cameras for License Plates:

Security Surveillance Cameras can be employed to capture vehicle license plates. Several elements make reading the picture of a speeding automobile difficult – glare, fast speeds, the angle the vehicle approaches, lighting, camera location, and distance. It all plays a crucial part in the visual clarity of the image when it comes to recording license plates. License plate cameras, on the other hand, can be extremely effective when it comes to capturing the license plate of an automobile, even in harsh lighting conditions. While planning your license plate Video Surveillance System, we recommend consulting with Securitec to achieve the best results.

Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera:

The majority of commercial video surveillance cameras are equipped with fixed 2.8mm lenses. These fixed camera lenses are great for most scenarios, but what if you require multiple viewing angles that can change as needed? You will need a Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera that can be swiftly adjusted, change directions, zoom remotely, and maybe even focus on a moving object?

PTZ cameras can be remotely operated via software or a smartphone app, allowing you complete control over what the camera views.


Securitec provides professional security services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Perth metropolitan area. You can expect efficient and reliable services in Canning Vale, Perth CBD, Belmont, Osborne Park, Rockingham, Mandurah, Booragoon, Success, Fremantle Midland, Wangara, Joondalup and many other suburbs covering WA. Our skilled technicians will provide training after installation and answer any questions so the end user will feel comfortable and confident with the system and its functionality.

Securitec Security's comprehensive range of Commercial Video Surveillance ensures the optimal solution is tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Highest Resolution And Storage Capacity

    When it comes to retrieving finer information like facial or licence plate identification, the size of the captured image is critical. The higher resolution cameras should have a hard drive size to achieve your desired period of storage. Our systems are designed to provide storage of data for many weeks and months.

  • Remote Access:

    We provide complete remote access to live-stream and playback recording of any given camera within your premises via any smartphone, laptop or tablet. 

  • 24/7 Professionalism and Reliability:

    Securitec are the West Australian security proffesionals who come with a reputation for excellence. All of our installers are fully licensed and police-cleared. With our in-depth knowledge of the security-tech industry, we assist you every step of the way to safeguard your premise.



    What Is The Difference Between 4K, HD, Ultra HD, And 1080p?

    The amount of pixels captured by your security cameras in each frame determines the resolution. To put it simply, the more pixels there are, the more you can zoom into the recorded image to pick up finer information. As a result, a 4K camera will give the finest image quality, allowing you to zoom in and observe features of an intruder or characters on a license plate, which can serve as critical evidence against a criminal.
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