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Instantly identify and communicate with visitors then authorise entry at your discretion.

Commercial Intercom Systems

The integration of a Commercial Intercom Systems to your business is quintessential for its complete security. Commercial establishments, such as offices, retail stores and warehouses are generally busy with staff, employees, contractors and clients who’s safety is of utmost importance. Commercial premises can also hold sensitive documents and expensive products that must be protected at all times. A Securitec Security commercial intercom systems is an integral form of security for every West Australian business. It allows you to safeguard your office and employees by giving you total control over who you grant building access to.

Benefits of Installing A Securitec Security Commercial Intercom System:

  • Ability to answer and verify an individual’s identity via smartphone or tablet.
  • Recording capabilities; you can record video and images of each visitor along with a timestamp for any future ordeal.
  •  Easy integration with other existing security systems for optimal security. Such as access control or CCTV system.
  •  With the integration of the Commercial Intercom System, you can reduce the number of security personnel. Thus, cutting down the security budget.

Securitec’s Commercial Video intercom systems are widely used to communicate by voice and video between remote points in a facility. With our exclusive Commercial Video Intercom Systems communication with staff and visitors within large commercial establishments becomes quick and easy. High specification systems can also have many distant points connected to a central communications monitor, allowing a single person in the main server room to receive calls from different places and control the facility from one location.
We also extend a range of colored video monitors in various sizes, as per requirement. Securitec Security’s Commercial Intercom System is competent to integrate with other security systems to ensure the optimum protection of the premise. Whether you have hundreds of units or a single unit office space, Securitec Security’s Commercial Intercom System is adaptable and capable of providing total security to commercial facilities of all sizes.


Securitec provides professional security services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Perth metropolitan area. You can expect efficient and reliable services in Canning Vale, Perth CBD, Belmont, Osborne Park, Rockingham, Mandurah, Booragoon, Success, Fremantle Midland, Wangara, Joondalup and many other suburbs covering WA. Our skilled technicians will provide training after installation and answer any questions so the end user will feel comfortable and confident with the system and its functionality.

Securitec Security's comprehensive range of Commercial Intercom Systems ensures the optimal solution is tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Electronic Door Unlocking:

    From any intercom handset or smartphone app you can unlock doors at your discression.

  • Our Expertise:

    With Securitec on board, you can expect only licenced, professionally trained professionals to install and service your Commercial Intercom System. You can be assured of your commercial establishments’ safety even in your absence.

  • 24/7 Professionalism and Reliability:

    Securitec are the West Australian security professionals who come with a reputation for excellence. All of our installers are fully licensed and police-cleared. With our in-depth knowledge of the security-tech industry, we assist you every step of the way to safeguard your premise.





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