Must-Have Features of A CCTV System For When You Are Away From Home

Must-Have Features of A CCTV System For When You Are Away From Home

CCTV security systems are trusted to keep your residence safe in your absence. On a daily basis, homeowners stay out of their homes for long periods. Work, leisure or commitments can keep residents out of their homes. When absent from their property, people want their home and valuables within their house to remain safe. One of the most reliable security systems used to keep the house safe is a CCTV camera system. The CCTV camera that you install in your home must have some key features for optimal protection.

WiFi-Connected System:
In today’s world, everything is connected to Wi-Fi. From smart TV to air-conditioners many home systems utilize Wi-Fi. A Wi-Fi connection enables people to operate device sremotely. Since Wi-Fi connected systems also implies limited cables, this kind of CCTV camera has literally no visible wires. This set up can make it difficult for burglars to disarm. The video connection remains uninterrupted and the recorded video can be directly saved to the cloud. Thus, only people with password credentials can access the data which has been captured by the Wi-Fi-enabled CCTV camera.

Remote Monitoring:
Since people are more often absent for longer intervals, be it for work or pleasure, it leaves their homes vulnerable to burglars or trespassers. Petty criminals view such homes as an easy target. It can be concerning for people who leave their homes for long hours. With remote access to a CCTV camera, you can keep a tab of your home no matter where you are. Remote access to a CCTV camera provide peace of mind, one click will allow you to check there is no intrusion or break-in at your home. No matter where ever you are in the world, remote monitoring gives you access to live stream the recording of your installed CCTV cameras.

Motion Sensing:
Another desirable camera feature that you should look for is motion sensing. It would be impossible to keep a keen eye on the live stream at all times anticipating something to go wrong. This is why motion sensing is one of the best features to have in your CCTV camera. The motion-sensing feature will alert you whenever it detects movements in its range. You can observe the footage, verify the movement and contact the police if you suspect there is an incident.

Let’s assume there’s an attempted break-in that happened in your house today. In general criminals tend to observe or case out a house for days before committing the break in. Police may ask for previous footage from your CCTV camera system. This is were having a hard drive large enough to store many weeks and months of footage is of great benefit.


Installing a CCTV camera that has these features can better protect your house even in your absence. You can leave your home for long periods without worrying about break-ins and burglaries.


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