Features of CCTV Security Cameras
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Features of CCTV Security Cameras

Security camera features are becoming increasingly important for safety and protection in a variety of settings, including residential and commercial buildings – offices, retail areas, hospitality, healthcare, and educational institutions. Installing modern home security cameras is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your home or business. CCTV security camera systems are not only important for gathering evidence in the event of a crime, but they are also one of the most efficient crime deterrents. With rapid improvements in technology, some features are must-haves when it comes to CCTV security camera systems in today’s day and age.


What are some must-have features?

From business owners to home owners every customer desires the best CCTV security camera system to protect their property. But what is the definition of best? The best CCTV security camera can be interpreted as those security cameras that provide us with some convenient features which make safeguarding property easier even from a remote location away from the property.


There are seven most important features that one shouldn’t miss out on when choosing a CCTV security camera system.


• High Definition to 4K Images
• Remote Monitoring and Notifications
• Wide Dynamic Range
• Starlight Or White Illuminator Night Time Images
• Motion Activated
• Trip Wire and Intrusion Zones


HD To 4K Images:
The days of grainy sub standard video images are luckily a thing of the past. Most modern CCTV security camera systems have a minimum 4MP resolution (2560×1440 Pixels) which can also be referred to as 2K. The demand for cameras with 8MP resolution (3840×2160 Pixels) is quickly gaining momentum. With superior video recording, you receive a crisp image that allows you to see exactly what is happening in the camera’s field of view. Through such video quality, one can not just see and capture clear images and videos but also read and identify facial features and characters of a license plate of a car in motion. Making it very useful in advent any unfortunate event.


Remote Monitoring and Notifications:
Live footage can be checked at any time with the latest CCTV security camera systems from anywhere in the world. You may monitor the camera feeds via the internet from an app on your phone, tablet, or laptop. This function enables the user to monitor young children or pets while at work, or to keep an eye on the house while away on vacation. Another state of the art feature is the ability to receive notifications direct to your device for various breaches which allows you to react instantly as the situation unfolds.


Wide Dynamic Range:
The dynamic range of home security camera systems refers to their ability to correctly record in both bright and dark circumstances. In rare cases, a section of the field may be extraordinarily brilliant while another section is quite dark. A CCTV security camera system with a broad dynamic range can balance the light in the video so that the bright sections do not become washed out and the darker parts do not become too dark to focus on.


Starlight Or White Illuminator Night Time Images:
It is much easier to defend your house or company at night with a CCTV security camera system installation that can still record quality images even in the dark. Starlight innovation microchips are used in some night vision cameras to increase the amount of ambient light in the picture and procude a superior image. Infrared light is another technology to produce a good clarity image in the low light situations. Newer cameras have white light illuminators that turn on when motion is detected which turns the night time image from black and white to full colour! Be sure that your CCTV security system is all performing through the night.


Motion Activated:
Motion-activated cameras are a great way to save video storage space. These cameras incorporate a motion sensor. When a moving object enters the camera’s field of vision, the motion sensor activates and reports the movement to the Network Video Recorder. This recording method means valuable hard drive space is not being used for non events. Motion activated cameras are a quintessential feature one should not miss out on when thinking of buying a CCTV security camera system.


Trip Wire and Intrusion Zones:
Advanced CCTV camera systems have the ability to set up trip wire and intrusion zones. These zones can then be armed or disarmed at the users discretion. When armed the user will be notified of a trespasser breaching the zone and a strobe flashing light accompanied by alarm audio will deter the intruder often before an unfortunate incident occurs.


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