Intercom Systems Which Helps To Secure Commercial Spaces

Intercom Systems Which Helps To Secure Commercial Spaces

Last year, more than 30% of commercial spaces reported an increase in physical security incidents, making security measures like commercial intercom systems vital for businesses of all sizes and industries. An intercom system for commercial space can improve the productivity and satisfaction of your employees as well as your company’s security. The installation of commercial intercom systems can help prevent several of these incidents and help improve your security.

Here are the types of commercial intercom systems which can help improve your security:

Wireless Intercom Systems:

Wireless intercom systems use Wi-Fi to connect numerous stations. Because these systems do not require extensive wiring, they are frequently easy to install and expand as needed. Wireless intercom systems are utilised by bigger organisations with dispersed facilities and staff, as well as in situations where wiring may be difficult, such as temporary installation.

Video Intercom Systems:

Commercial video intercom systems already have CCTVs installed in their space, allowing users to see and converse with people in other areas of the property. These systems frequently provide one-way or two-way video calling in addition to speech features, allowing businesses to select the right level of visual access for their specific needs. A video intercom system can be useful in areas requiring security and identification verification, such as apartment complexes and warehouses.

Office-to-Office Intercom:

Office-to-office intercoms are wired intercom systems that allow employees from various parts of a building to interact. They are often simple and cost-effective options for smaller office buildings and retail spaces that do not require visual verification or wireless commercial intercoms.

Emergency Intercom Systems:

Emergency intercom systems are intended for business settings that demand rapid, effective communication, such as hospitals and universities. They are usually basic devices that allow for building-wide notifications in an emergency.

Access Control Integrated Intercom System:

Many commercial intercom systems are integrated with access control systems, allowing security or front-desk personnel to remotely unlock doors or gates after verifying a visitor’s identification via video intercom. These systems are especially effective for managing property access in high-security buildings and industrial environments.

These are some of the most popular types of security systems which you can see installed in various commercial spaces. With the installation of these commercial intercom systems, one can help keep their commercial space safer for everyone. Also, curb security threats which loom over commercial spaces.


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