How Should You Store CCTV Recording & For How Long?
Commercial CCTV Cameras

How Should You Store CCTV Recording & For How Long?

When it comes to Commercial CCTV the quality of the recording is essential. The clearer quality of the footage, the better chance you have to identify criminals and crimes. The higher quality security camera you install, the better quality footage can be stored. When you store data at the ultra high definition resolution of commercial CCTV, the quicker your storage space will increase.

Business owners in Perth region and throughout WA planning to install Commercial CCTV surveillance system must ask this one question: how long do you require the video footage to last? You would expect to retain your video recordings for as long as possible in the event you require them for any legal reason relating to an incident. 

Many factors can determine the retained footage period. The video resolution, the number of cameras you have installed and the storage capacity you install all determine how long you have the ability to store CCTV footage.

How long do businesses retain Commercial CCTV footage?

Businesses normally save at least a month’s worth of security camera footage, but larger corporations store surveillance recordings for up to three months.

Some businesses keep CCTV footage for a longer duration, depending on individual circumstances. If you need to submit footage as evidence when reporting a theft or burglary, then you’ll need to keep it until the legal proceedings are finalised.

Industries also have their own requirements for video surveillance storage. Some industries must save surveillance footage for a specific period to comply with regulatory requirements. For example, Liquor Licensing requires a minimum of 30 days footage.

Your recording method will affect your surveillance footage storage rate. Your security cameras can record 24/7, based on a schedule or record only when motion is detected. Footage from continuous video recording has less retained days than other surveillance methods as the storage is being stored continuous.

What happens to old surveillance footage?

The good news is that CCTV footage gets deleted automatically so you don’t have to periodically erase the recordings manually. Once the hard drive is full the Network Video Recorder will start recording over your oldest footage.

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