What Is IP CCTV And Why Should You Install it?
5 Reasons to Use IP-Based CCTV Cameras

What Is IP CCTV And Why Should You Install it?

These days CCTV has become such an integral part of your safety and security that you can’t imagine the security of any place is complete without it. Even law enforcement officials view recordings of CCTV as key evidence of the advent of crime. Thus, CCTV has penetrated deep within our fabric security be it residential or commercial. As CCTVs have become more and more common within the framework of our security, criminals have also found ways to tamper with the system. This is why innovation in CCTV systems is always coming through to enhance the security provided by CCTV. One such technology that is provided by residential CCTV security system suppliers in the Perth region these days is the IP CCTV camera system. But while you may install an IP CCTV camera in your residence, you may not be aware what is this cutting-edge technology and its perk. Let us help you to understand it all.


What Is IP CCTV Camera System?
An Internet Protocol camera system popularly known as an IP CCTV camera system is a type of security camera that uses the help of IP networking channels to send video footage. This is the most prevalent residential CCTV camera system that’s recommended by every camera supplier in Perth Region. Unlike close-circuit CCTV cameras which is required a local recording device to store the footage. An IP CCTV does not need any such local device to record videos. Like phones and computers, it uses a safe network to transfer the footage.


Why Should You Use It?
When you visit a residential CCTV camera supplier in Perth Region, you perhaps are sceptical before buying an IP CCTV camera. There can be subconscious thought that the seller is trying hard to make an expensive sale and not offering genuine input. After all, if you are getting an old-school functional close-circuit CCTV camera at a lower price, why should you expand your budget for a piece of technology? To ease your mind, here are the practical benefits why should you use one:


Remote Access:
One of the biggest reasons why you should splurge on an IP Camera System is because of the convenience it provides. As the saying goes, you don’t pay for the product you pay for the experience. The same is applied in this case as well. Just, for instance, no one will be in their residence 24/7, people these days lead busy lives. They go to the office, school, out on a business trip and even on vacation. In those instances, it is not safe to keep your house unsupervised. With an IP CCTV camera, you can get direct access to the footage no matter where ever you are through the registered device. This is a convenience and necessity of today’s time.


Better Resolution:
While a close-circuit CCTV camera does the job, the quality of the job is not at par with its counterpart- IP CCTV. If you compare the footage of a close-circuit camera it is quite grainy even in day time making it difficult to identify wrongdoers. The resolution of an IP camera is much better than its counterpart. Resulting in HD image and video quality, which offers a better surveillance experience.


Two-Way Audio Support:
Another additional advantage that is not much highlighted by residential CCTV suppliers in Perth Region, that’s two-way audio. You can use the IP-based CCTV camera as an intercom system to verify the entry of strangers and talk to strangers outside your door. This way your children’s and your security stay intact.


Safe Cloud Storage: 
Say for example you need to view video footage from a certain date that’s 3 months before today’s time. When you store your recording on a local storage device, you have to keep a tab of the recording capacity and organise the recording too. Also, make it difficult to find the recording from a certain day. This problem is solved to a great degree with IP-based CCTV cameras as they provide a safe cloud storage option.


5 Reasons to Use IP-Based CCTV Camera 


This is why various residential CCTV camera supplier in Perth Region suggests IP-based CCTV camera for your residence. That’s why in today’s time you see more installations of IP-based CCTV cameras. So, are you still using the old CCTV system or upgrading to the cutting-edge IP-based CCTV camera system?




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