Reasons To Upgrade Your Commercial CCTV Camera?
Commercial CCTV Cameras

Reasons To Upgrade Your Commercial CCTV Camera?

Today, an increasing number of organisations see the advantages of implementing modern security systems like commercial CCTV cameras. Internal and external security issues, such as theft and vandalism, are becoming increasingly prevalent. This shows that organisations are facing increasing security threats from both workers and non-employees. Furthermore, over 25 million commercial security cameras have been deployed throughout the world, and experts believe that installing video monitoring may have prevented more than 67% of security incidents.


If you have not yet evaluated the need for CCTV in your commercial space, now is the time to do so. Installing a security camera can assist in preventing and deterring occurrences. This might save you a lot of time and money in the long run while also protecting the safety of your employees and company assets.


Here’s why you should upgrade your commercial CCTV for your commercial space in Perth:


Improved Image Quality:

When you upgrade your installed commercial CCTV for your commercial space in Perth, you can expect HD and ultra-HD (4K) cameras to provide crystal-clear images. This means you’ll be able to capture essential information more clearly and collect higher-quality evidence, which might be useful for investigations, legal cases, or insurance claims. All of our Hikvision & Dahua CCTV cameras have high-definition monitoring.


Protect Critical Company Assets:

You should upgrade your commercial CCTV cameras in your company, especially if you have items that require a large financial expenditure. Expensive or highly valued items are classed as “high-risk areas” for security. Instead of having someone check these items regularly, installing 24-hour video surveillance is the most efficient way to ensure their safety.


Improved Storage And Retrieval:

Upgraded systems offer additional storage capacity and efficient data handling. This enables you to archive footage for extended periods, ensuring that you can retrieve earlier data as needed. Quick and easy access to certain recordings can save both time and money. Having a large database of video is critical when the law is involved because surveillance footage is the best piece of evidence and may help determine any court case.


High-Resolution Images:

As video surveillance technology advances, image quality increases dramatically. The most recent high-definition IP cameras can record footage in far higher resolution than earlier analogue systems. In exceptional cases, picture resolution can be up to 20 times higher. Analogue CCTV cameras provide grainier, lower-quality images and lack the digital zoom functionality seen in IP cameras. This might be problematic if identifying information is required in the case of a security breach.


Aging Analogue:

IP cameras are currently the gold standard in video security, providing better resolution footage, greater scalability and flexibility, and a constantly increasing feature set. Analogue technology is obsolete, and current analogue CCTV cameras are becoming ineffective. If your current analogue cameras break, it is getting increasingly difficult to obtain replacement cameras or parts.


Upgrading your commercial CCTV system for your Perth-based commercial space is more than simply a security investment; it is also an investment in your company’s efficiency, productivity, and reputation. Advanced technology, higher picture quality, remote monitoring capabilities, expanded storage and retrieval, integration options, cost-effectiveness, and deterrent impact all contribute to a more robust and complete security system.

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